Centre for Women in Governance

We are CEWIGO and we envision a world that cherishes good governance, where women and men equally participate and benefit from public decision making...

Women in Leadership

The team from CEWIGO meeting with the Mbarara LC5 chairperson and other religious leaders. CEWIGO continues to advocate for increased participation of women in governance and leadership.

Bridging the Leadership Gap

Bringing like-minded organisations, leaders and individuals together to promote women's rights & gender equality

Engaging Citizens at all levels

Generating and sharing Knowledge with the communities including the young people who are the future leaders of tomorrow

National Stakeholders meeting

The recent national stakeholders meeting that was attended by CEWIGO members, UN Women representatives, leaders, and the Norwegian Ambassador.

National Stakeholders Meeting

The CEWIGO - Executive Director, Bonnie K. Mutungi (left) with the Norwegian Ambassador - Susan Eckey (right) at the national Stakeholders meeting 1325, held recently.

Deepening Partnerships

State Minister for Gender & Culture in Uganda, Hon Peace Mutuuzo (center), Jova Kamateka - Chairperson Uganda Human rights commission (left) and Claire Hopkins the UN Women representative at a recent CEWIGO meeting.

Training Future Leaders

CEWIGO participates in Training the future leaders of tomorrow, even at grass-root levels including LC3 chairpersons.

Working Beyond the Local

Moving beyond Uganda’s boarders to link our efforts with individuals, groups, movements and institutions in East Africa & World-wide.

CEWIGO Meetings

CEWIGO aims at working with partners and stakeholders at all levels to achieve a common goal.

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Who We Are….

The Centre for Women in Governance is a National-level Non-governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2006 with a vision of: “A society in which women and men are equitably participating and benefiting from good governance”.

Our mission is: “To mobilize women and build their capacity to influence governance at all levels and to increase awareness that where women and men share equally in the generation and maintenance of good governance, the benefits accrue to all society”.

What We Do

Women’s Leadership Development

CEWIGO focuses on mobilizing young women including those with leadership potential and building their capacities to understand better how governance and electoral systems work. It also focuses on building their political and social base to clout how they manage successful campaigns and make use of their social and political networks to mobilize resources.

Women’s Rights Advocacy

CEWIGO helps to build and sustain women’s leadership to articulate & claim their right to peace and personal security. It also monitors the level of implementation of selected commitments Uganda has made at national, regional and global levels for women’s advancement and empowerment. Respect of women’s right to peace and security is a fundamental human right that is absolutely essential for promoting and achieving good governance in Uganda.

Community & Citizens Empowerment

CEWIGO aims to empower communities, women, men, boys and girls with knowledge and skills. These will influence public behavior and attitude change that support good governance, and women’s participation in leadership and decision making. Citizens will be able to know their rights and constitutional responsibilities, also ensure that the leaders remain accountable and committed to the delivery of quality social services.

Latest Publications…

Upcoming Events, News & More

Founded in 2006 by a group of Women, CEWIGO has over the years promoted gender equality and women empowerment. In 2012 they achieved a great milestone and that is the localization …

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